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Cleaning Questions

We always send a team of two and occasionally a team three. We take into consideration the cleaning team schedule for the day and the size of the home or business that they are cleaning.
We have found it helps the team stay fresh, able to verify each other's work and to create a safe and secure work environment for everyone.
It always helps the cleaning team if you pick up clothing, toys, office paperwork and other personal household items. They do not know where you would prefer the personal or office items to be placed and would rather not open your closets or drawers that might invade your privacy.
We strive to train our teams to give the same consistent service to every one of our customers. However, if you ever feel that you are not receiving the same service from all our cleaning teams, please call the office so we can address it and rectify your concerns.
We perform a comprehensive background investigation on each and every one of our team members as well as random drug testing.
We are licensed and insured and will be glad to provide proof of both upon request.